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Developing Cannabis Regulations

Developing Cannabis Regulations

Cannabis GraphicHorizon has a detailed, in-depth understanding of industry operations, regulatory and CEQA issues, and what your community needs to do to be in compliance with the State’s regulations. Horizon is unique in its understanding of the requirements of the State’s Medical Cannabis Regulation and Control Act (Act) and the various roles of state and local agencies in implementation of the Act. Our past and ongoing research and technical analysis related to the issues of cannabis cultivation and commerce include:

  • Conducting a comprehensive literature review of cannabis cultivation activities, which has involved review and collection of literature sources on all aspects of the cannabis production process, as well as state (California and other) and local laws/ordinances related to cannabis production, etc.
  • Conducting tours of dozens of indoor, mixed-light, and outdoor cannabis production facilities.
  • Development of regulatory approaches and CEQA tiering strategies for medical cannabis.
  • Developing public outreach materials that can be tailored for local CEQA processes.
  • Developing contacts and conducting outreach with state agencies engaged in regulating cannabis production, including California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the State Water Resources Control Board, the Regional Water Quality Control Boards, the Department of Pesticide Regulation, etc.
  • Developing contacts and conducting outreach with industry groups (e.g., Cannabis Growers Association, California Cannabis Industry Association, etc.).
  • Conducting scoping meetings and engaging the public, in particular the regulated community, to learn about their interests and concerns related to regulation of various aspects of medical cannabis cultivation.
  • Developing lists of the pesticides and other chemicals known to be used in cannabis cultivation.

Our team is currently assisting the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) to develop regulations and prepare the statewide EIR for its Medical Cannabis Cultivation Program (MCCP) pursuant to the State’s Act. This experience results in an in-depth understanding of the Act and an on-the-ground, real-time understanding of the direction and ultimate shape of the State’s regulations.  As a result, we can help local government agencies develop their programs to be entirely compliant with State requirements, and avoid duplication of effort by focusing on the key areas where CDFA will defer to local entities.