Jeff Thomas, B.S.

Jeff has more than 25 years of consulting and local government experience in environmental and land use planning, CEQA and NEPA compliance, regulatory compliance strategy and permitting, and natural resources management. His experience includes managing controversial and complex environmental planning projects, providing technical direction, QA/QC, and leading public and stakeholder meetings. Jeff’s project experience includes work on residential master planned communities; municipal water and wastewater pipelines, pump stations, road and bridge repair, flood protection and channel and levee maintenance; in-stream and off-stream agricultural water supply reservoirs; habitat conservation plans; open space and marine preserves; tidal marsh habitat restoration; urban parks,; electrical transmission infrastructure; geothermal energy supply; commercial and industrial developments; landfill expansion and green waste composting, and microwave communication facilities. Jeff is skilled at coordinating with engineers, designers, and planners to ensure that the project design is captured adequately in the environmental compliance process and that the environmental process does not slow down the engineering, design, or planning process.

Kenneth Schwarz, Ph.D

Ken is the founding principal of Horizon Water and Environment. He is a recognized expert in the fields of geomorphology, hydrology, and watershed management. For over 26 years, he has directed complex projects throughout California involving erosion and sediment management, flood and stormwater management, stream maintenance and capital programs, land use planning, water rights, habitat conservation, and ecosystem restoration. Ken is an expert in environmental regulations and specializes in using his technical background to develop successful permitting strategies for the USACE, SWRCB, RWQCBs, CDFW, USFWS, and NMFS, as well as local county and municipal approvals. Ken has directed many CEQA investigations for water resource projects, including developing many IS/MND and EIRs for river management, flood maintenance, water supply infrastructure, and ecologic restoration projects. Ken conducts hydrologic and geomorphic analyses and produces watershed and stream management plans, hydrologic reports, stream assessments, sediment and erosion control evaluations, water rights petitions, restoration designs, and conservation plans. Ken’s watershed and stream projects balance the needs of local government planners with regulatory requirements and the interests of watershed stakeholders.  Throughout every project, Ken maintains a strong focus on project cost and schedule. Ken has served as an expert witness for court proceedings and state-level hearings. He is an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco, where he teaches a graduate course in hydrology and geomorphology.


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