Horizon is developing CEQA compliance documentation for Valley Water’s Anderson Dam Seismic Retrofit Project. Anderson Dam is a critical water storage facility for Santa Clara County. In the event of a large earthquake, the dam is vulnerable to instability and excessive deformation.

Horizon is working with Valley Water and its planning (HDR) and engineering (AECOM) consultants to support the environmental evaluation for the project. Key environmental issues for the project include reservoir dewatering, construction-related effects on biological and cultural resources, changes in post-project flows to the downstream creek, and construction-related effects on air quality and noise due to ground disturbance, staging, and hauling. Horizon is currently leading the CEQA/NEPA compliance effort and impact analyses for air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, hydrology, water quality, geomorphology, water supply, groudwater, land use, noise, and recreation. Horizon is also evaluating project alternatives, preparing public notices for CEQA/NEPA compliance, and preparing regulatory permit applications.

Anderson Dam Seismic Retrofit Project

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