Horizon is providing municipal stormwater permit compliance support to the Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program (ACCWP) under a five-year contract, for the following program components:

  • New Development/Post-Construction and Construction Stormwater Controls
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Creek Status Monitoring

New Development / Post-Construction and Construction Stormwater Control

Horizon has supported the ACCWP in updating the countywide C.3 Stormwater Technical Guidance Manual and other guidance materials and templates to help local agencies in Alameda County comply with regional permit requirements related to incorporating stormwater treatment facilities and construction site stormwater controls in development projects. Horizon staff provides on-call assistance to the program based on detailed knowledge of the San Francisco Bay Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit requirements for development projects (Provision C.3) and construction site control (Provision C.6).

Green Infrastructure

Horizon supported the formation of a countywide Green Infrastructure Work Group and is supporting the Work Group to develop a full range of guidance materials and tools for agencies within Alameda County to prepare jurisdiction-specific Green Infrastructure Plans. These plans will meet permit-specified goals for reducing water quality impacts of urbanization and support other local objectives such as urban greening, climate change mitigation, and enhancing safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Creek Status Monitoring

Horizon provides quality control support for ACCWP’s monitoring of local creeks, and prepares its annual Urban Creeks Monitoring Report, to support compliance with creek status monitoring requirements in Provision C.8 of the Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit.

Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit Support Services

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