Horizon led natural resource investigations and environmental compliance for the Napa River Restoration Project between 2009 and 2015. This project was the result of more than a decade of resource investigations and private landowner collaboration to restore the river’s natural processes. The project reduces bank erosion and flood risks, expanded riparian forests, enhanced fish and wildlife habitats, and supported watershed-wide efforts to reduce sediment loading to the Napa River.

For the Rutherford Reach, which encompasses 4.5 miles of the river, Horizon staff coordinated closely with resource agencies to comply with prior project terms and approvals. Over the course of project implementation, Horizon obtained site-specific approvals and conducted pre-construction wildlife surveys, environmental awareness training, relocation of special-status species, and preparation of monitoring reports.

Following on the success of the Rutherford Reach segment, the County restored a 9-mile reach of the Napa River from Oakville Cross Road to Oak Knoll Avenue, immediately downstream from the Rutherford Reach. On behalf of the County, Horizon prepared an IS/MND for the Oakville to Oak Knoll Reach and developed permit applications and supporting documentation. Key issues addressed in the IS/MND included air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, hydrology and channel geomorphology, biological resources, cultural resources, and agricultural land use. Horizon also coordinated discussions with cultural resources protection agencies and tribes.

Napa River Restoration: Investigations, CEQA Compliance, and Project Permitting

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