The Redwood Creek watershed is a highly valued natural resource that hosts a diverse assemblage of rare flora and fauna. Redwood Creek supports a run of endangered Central California Coast coho salmon, and adjacent wetlands provide habitat for threatened California red-legged frogs. The goal of the Redwood Creek Watershed Assessment (RCWA) is to develop conservation strategies that ensure the long-term viability of these resources.

Horizon—in collaboration with the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the California Department of Parks and Recreation, and the County of Marin—managed and developed the RCWA. The RCWA identifies and prioritizes management actions that guide watershed land managers in their stewardship of the Redwood Creek watershed for decades to come. Horizon’s role on the project was to (1) provide project management, technical oversight, and QA/QC for another contractor’s technical work on the RCWA; and (2) facilitate a stakeholder process to ensure public agencies, stakeholders, and the general public were informed and could provide input on the RCWA and associated high-priority actions and studies. Horizon led numerous workshops, open houses, and public meetings to support this project.

Redwood Creek Watershed Assessment

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