Horizon served as lead consultant for the Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association (BASMAA) as part of the regional Urban Greening Bay Area Project, funded by a grant from the U.S. EPA. This project is a large-scale, multi-agency effort, led by the San Francisco Estuary Partnership, to re-envision Bay Area urban landscapes to develop stormwater-friendly, urban green infrastructure facilities. Horizon supported BASMAA in the following tasks for this project:

  • Regional Roundtable on Sustainable Streets
  • Roadmap of Funding Solutions for Sustainable Streets
  • Sustainable Streets Design Charrette

Regional Roundtable

Horizon supported BASMAA in organizing and guiding meetings of representatives from federal, state, regional, and local agencies to identify and seek solutions to funding “Sustainable Streets”—defined as projects that include both green infrastructure and complete streets elements such as pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

Roadmap of Funding Solutions

Horizon compiled the input from agencies participating in the Regional Roundtable into a Roadmap of Funding Solutions for Sustainable Streets, identifying specific actions to fund Sustainable Streets projects, which will be implemented by a broad range of agencies and non-governmental organizations. Horizon continues to support BASMAA and the Roadmap Committee to implement and monitor the initial tasks identified in the Roadmap.

Design Charrette

Horizon also led the Design Charrette task, which focused on developing cost-effective typical designs to integrate green infrastructure with bicycle and pedestrian improvements at roadway intersections.

Urban Greening Bay Area

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