Water storage tanks are one of many components of the Town of Windsor's water supply infrastructure that was improved through implementation of the Water Master Plan.

Horizon prepared an EIR and facilitated the CEQA compliance process for the Town of Windsor (Town) Public Works Department’s Water Master Plan (WMP) Update. The WMP needed updating because of significant growth within the Town’s service area and uncertainties regarding future water supplies. The WMP Update established a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) including new or replacement groundwater wells, water storage tanks, and distribution pipelines to improve supply reliability and meet current and future water supply needs.

To address the Town’s immediate needs, Horizon developed a two-scale approach for CEQA compliance: the EIR evaluated both the program-level effects of implementing the entire program (i.e., CIP) and the project-level impacts of implementing the first phase of water system upgrades that were clearly defined and ready to be constructed. This approach allowed the Town to immediately implement its first group of facility upgrades while providing program-level CEQA coverage for future program phases that had not yet been funded or designed. Key environmental issues addressed in the EIR included potential growth-inducing impacts and construction-related impacts such as air pollutant emissions and traffic delays due to temporary road closures. The Final EIR was certified by the Town Council in 2011.

Water Master Plan Update EIR

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