Horizon led development of a Program EIR for the City of Modesto’s 2010 Water System Engineer’s Report, in collaboration with the City of Modesto’s Public Works Department (City) and contractor ICF. The 2010 Water System Engineer’s Report included an analysis of the existing water system, and evaluated the system’s ability to meet operational and design criteria under various demand conditions. In order to provide a reliable supply of domestic water throughout the City’s water service area, the report recommended infrastructure improvements to address system deficiencies. Proposed improvement projects included water storage tanks, booster pump stations, groundwater wells, and distribution pipelines.

Horizon prepared a comprehensive program-level EIR for the proposed improvements. Important planning issues addressed in the Program EIR included the potential for growth inducement outside the City’s existing sphere of influence, development of agricultural lands, disturbances to existing utility infrastructure, impacts to biological and cultural resources, and cumulative impacts in the program area.

Water System Engineer’s Report Program EIR

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