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Habitat Assessment, Conservation and Restoration

Habitat Assessment, Conservation and Restoration

  • Stream and Wetland Assessments
  • Historical Ecology and Geomorphology
  • Aquatic and Terrestrial Habitats
  • Restoration Concepts, Planning, and Design
  • Tidal Wetlands, Lagoons, and Estuaries
  • River and Floodplain Restoration
  • Habitat Conservation Planning (HCP)
  • Wetland Mitigation and Banking

Horizon Water and Environment (Horizon) assesses past, existing, and potential future habitat conditions through comprehensive and multidisciplinary evaluations.

We begin by understanding the historical context of the wetland or upland site, river reach, or watershed.  This includes identifying the governing physical processes which shape the site.  Geologic, geomorphic, soil, climate, hydrology, and groundwater factors are evaluated for how they influence and support habitat functions for wildlife and plants.  The habitat evaluation also considers shifting spatial scales and how certain processes increase or decrease in relevance as the spatial scale adjusts.    Using this framework, we then identify factors that may limit or improve existing and future habitat conditions.

From this habitat assessment baseline, we help our clients develop appropriate conservation or restoration plans and projects.  To forecast what potential habitat functions a site can provide based on its existing conditions may require additional analysis.  We have found that issues such as soil biology, sun aspect, micro-topography, drainage, seed bank, substrate, construction access, and maintenance considerations are critical to conservation and restoration success.

Throughout the conservation or restoration planning process we integrate the skills of our staff and partner biologists, hydrologists, landscape architects, civil and geotechnical engineers, and construction contractors. This multidisciplinary approach to habitat restoration and conservation yields projects that are resilient to disturbance while providing high levels of habitat and aesthetic value.  Horizon provides clients added value by seamlessly integrating any environmental compliance (CEQA/NEPA) or permitting needs with habitat conservation and restoration projects.